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Power: 220-240V 50Hz-60Hz 1600W
Two speeds, options hot / cold
Base for the wall
Color: black and white

Stand alone mirror

Double-sided mirror
One side 3 x magnification
Diameter: 6 inches
Adjustable height 36cm-43cm

Wall mounted mirror

Double-sided mirror
One side 3 x magnification
Diameter: 8 inches

Base: 4.8 × 22.6cm (1.9“×9.0“)

Hotel safe

Dimensions: 490x370x200mm (17 „laptop)


  1. 4AA batteries. Low battery indicator

  3. LED display

  5. User Code 3-6 digits

  7. Master code system

  9. Mechanical key

Mini bar

Silent: 0 db
Internal LED lighting
Two adjustable shelves
Solid hinges that can be adjusted both for the left and for the right opening of the door
Magnet around the neck to make it perfectly closed

Capacity: 30l and 40l

Ketler with a tray

Capacity: 1.2l
Power: 220-240V 50 / 60HZ 1350-1600W
Automatic switch
Dimensions of the workpiece: 36.3 x 24 x 3.3 cm
Material: ABS
Color: black

Wooden suitcase holder

Material: wood
5 reinforced cargo holders
Dimensions open: 600x530x590mm

Stainless suitcase holder

Material: stainless steel
4 reinforced bands for holding loads

Extra bed

Beds dimensions: 195x95x60

Trash can

Stainless steel Round trash can 5l

Trash can

Oval trash can
Color: black
Material: artificial leather

Ashtray - inside

Material: stainless steel
Color: silver gray

Ashtray - EXTERIOR

Material: stainless steel
Color: silver gray

Garbage can with ashtray

Ashtray: glass base
Material: stainless steel
Dimensions: 145 * 145 * 445m
Volume: 9l

Luggage cart

Stroller Platform
Stainless steel
Dimensions: 900 x 550 x 870
Load capacity: 500 kg

Luggage cart

Material: stainless steel
Tokes: 8 „PP + SEBS
Nose: 500 kg
Color: silver gray (shiny) + red carpet

Luggage cart

Hand luggage trolley
Wheelchair dimensions: 700 * 560 * 1200Hmm
Stainless steel,
Color silver gray / shine + red carpet

Pole & Rope Barrier

diameter 320 mm
high 940 mm S / SS


Dimensions: ø32 silver „Q“ hooks, 1.5m length of the rope

trolley for serving

3 shelves
Trolley dimensions: 950 × 500 × H950

Cleaning trolley

Janitor Trolley
Dimensions: 1210 x 490 x 990
Material: plastic
Jennial bag

trolley for the maids

Dimensions: 830 * 460 * 1120
One canvas bag

Trolley for the maids

Double trolley
Dimensions: 1420 * 460 * 1120
Two canvas bags

trolley for laundry

Dimension : 850x450x850


trolley for laundry

Dimension : 910x560x910

Ironing set


Power: 220-240V 50 / 60Hz, 1600W
Adjustable temperature for different types of materials
Water tank capacity: 260ml
Plate: ceramics
Dimensions of the iron: L 24.6 * W 12 * H 12.7 cm
Dimensions of the panel: L 19.5 * W 12 cm

Ironing board

Debljina sundjera: 10 mm
Boja: srebrno siva
Dimenzije daske: 110x33cm
Maksimalna visina: 85cm
Prilagodjavanje visine: 7 nivoa

Folding stender

Stender for changing clothes

Shoe cleaner

Shoe cleaning machine with two brushes