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Rollman ironing machine

Product description

Rollman ironing machine is ideal for families with children, as well as catering facilities, hotels and hostels, dry cleaners, in the production of textile products, etc.


  1. Saves time – it is possible to save up to 6 times compared to ironing with a manual iron),
  2. Takes care of the user’s health – ergonomic position during ironing contributes to the protection of the spine and lower back, without straining the legs,
  3. Iron all types of fabrics – successfully iron fabrics of all materials, as well as length,
  4. Movable– the wheels on the machine stand ensure easy movement of the machine in the work area.
  5. Safe to use– has mechanical protection of access of the hand to the heated parts of the machine during ironing,
  6. Saves electricity – you can choose to turn on only the left or right half or the entire length of the iron
  7. Easy to fold – allows easy switching from vertical to horizontal position and vice versa.
  8. Occupies a small storage space – the assembled machine occupies an area of 0.26 m2 as much as the average floor lamp or bedside table
  9. etc.